Saturday, 20 February 2010

You know you play to many computer games when...

Well everyone has tried it! I'm just the first one to admit it. Yes it always seems that the line is moving slowly when you're in a hurry, it's never jamed when you're not about to miss an appointment... And yes haven't we all imagined ways to make that queue move faster? the trick is to keep it INSIDE your head and not shout it out.

It's just like at Christmas time - it doesn't help that you start complaining about how slow the saleslady is, that's not gonna make the queue move faster, it's only gonna make all the people in the queue even more grumpy. If you're happy, share it, if you are angry at the freaking queue and the store and the world in general... please DON'T share with anyone but your loved ones or the therapist who is paid to listen to you.

This was my clever way to bitch about a grumpy experience in a queue to the whole world who isn't paid to listen ^____________^


  1. ha, i'm sure i felt the earth rumbling and a bright flash from the candy-store the other day when you, after 30 minutes, still hadn't finished your business - now i know what it was :)

  2. God yeah, I know how that is.. I hate when the cashier is like: "wtf is the price on this?" or "What the heck is this?". The thing I hate the most tho is that in any kind of mall you go into, any whatsoever, if there is more then 3 chashregristers there's only 1 with personell in it.. its really bugging me.

  3. I have come up with an effective strategy to reduce suffering from a queue:
    I have a book or magasine that I can read like waiting in the line. It words wonders.
    Also an MP3 player filled with anime and japanese video game music does the trick but I see yours needed battery