Sunday, 21 February 2010


I was at my friend Maria's house warming party yesterday... and as the evening progressed the stories got more and more interesting... here are a few.

1) My friend and her friends put in some hard work to fix up that apartment, and in the process they tore down a few walls, to Anders' great dismay.

2) I heard the story about why my friend Maria has this panic fear involving butterflies... apparently they are actually NINJA BUTTERFLIES with throwing stars... who would have known? My sister hates butterflies too... maybe there's a connection.

3) I learned why you're not supposed to paint you snowman's smile using gravy browning
4) Things got interesting when Maria told me about her other friend who apparently shot 4 black birds once and wanted to serve them as the main dish when some friends came over for dinner... Maria saw the four unlucky birds on a plate with some yeast, and some flees hastily retreating from the dead birds.
5) Maria also told me about the time she went to a party while on call duty trying to hush everybody so she could hear her phone, while she insisted she was sober enough to do her job.
6) Around 11 pm I made cinnamon buns... there was some dough left over from the bread we baked... can't let stuff like that go to waste. we had dough, sugar, butter and cinnamon - TADAA
7) Then came the story about one of the other guests, who once went to see a movie, and sat next to a 16 year old, 100 kilo, pimpled boy, who seemed to have emptied the candy store before he went in, he ate it all before the movie even started - and she got a 3-D movie with smell and extra sound effects and everything.

8) After having hear stories about guests who ran over duckling on their bike and deer in their cars we made up a recipe for Road-kill-stew

9) The gruesome tale about how one of the guests got a tooth removed while her noble boyfriend fainted, luckily the dental technician had some nice boobs and she brought him back round.

10) And then it was time to leave and catch the last train, you know it's time when you you start looking into your hollow crackers and imagine caves...

They really DO look like caves you know!

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  1. The part about the dental technician was so much like if it came out of some romantic comedy story.

    Question: why were the fleas still on the blackbirds? were they served raw and unwashed?

    PS: You should tell your friends need to watch their driving or they may end up including some Homo Sapiens to their road-kill-stew