Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lille kat lille kat lille kat på vejen, hvis er du hvis er du? - Jeg er s'gu' min egen

I am so getting a normal house cat next time - one that actually likes being held and petted and stuff like that.


  1. aww but she does have her moments of "cuddlyness"... when you forget to give her the pills *grins*

  2. well no more pills - they are both sterilised now... oh yes but the days when Freja was in heat, ahhh she was so cute and cuddly... except when she peed on stuff in stead of rubbing up against it :D

  3. Curse of Monkey Island...
    Not only you draw marvellously good, you like cats, but you also have great tastes in video games :D

    -- A WoW player and fan of the Chronicles