Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lego was very upset! "de har besudlet vores klodser"

I was at a meeting for priests in Århus this week. If I wasn't there for the interesting discussions and the social stuff with my colleges ... I was there for ONE lecture in particular...

A lecture by Jakob Stegelmann from Danish television! I love that guy - he came and freed the danish geeks.

The best pun on words he made wasn't intended, and it is hard to translate into English, because there isn't really a good word for testicles that resembles lego-bricks... to bad for the English readers... sucks to be you! But it was about LEGO suing some people who made a slightly suggestive video with lego-people.


  1. Jakob Stegelmann er fantastisk! Havde fornøjelsen at møde ham til Bugs Bunny on Broadway i DR's koncerthus d. 11 juni. Dejligt at se hans begejstring og entusiasme og fedt at hilse på ham bagefter.

  2. Hi, I'm from the AD server as well. (well, I mostly came there to cause of you =D)...

    ok that was a cheesy intro...


    Right, well I was wondering if you had anything against it if I tried making comics for AD (well, not for TFR ofc. unless they don't mind..)?

    I'm kinda into trying to make characters as you do, so I'm wondering, do you mind?

    I love your way of drawing, so I'm kinda trying to mimic it as best as I can (big thx to the tutorial you made!)

    I'm kind of a "hardcore" fan if yours, and I really am sorry that you can't keep drawing for TFR, since you have alot of fans.
    For instance, it is not long ago that someone have posted comments on the TFRcomic site.

    I am a big newbie when it comes to drawing, but your comic have inspired me to start something.
    So I am kind of wondering, do you have any other/more tutorial work that I could work with? It would be a great help.

    btw, ingame, I am Ránn (dunno if it matters tho =P)

    hope to get any comments or anything like that soon =D

    P.S. Sorry if I've put this in the wrong thread.

  3. @John: sure man go ahead - be sure to post a link so I can see the stuff you do ^__^

  4. Will try to keep you informed, but I've got to a stand-still, cause I purely suck at drawing hair and body ^^ tho, training is the key, so I'll get it eventually I guess =P

    you'll hear from me when I've managed to draw the chars of my guild (main plot members-ish ^^)

    until then: have a good day/week/month ^^ (prolly month, or so =P)